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We do not offer refunds. 

A mid-week, summer,
Goat School in Maine!

There is no better way to combine business with pleasure! 
What a great way to spend a vacation!  Come to Maine, spend three days learning about goat husbandry, how to make goat cheese and goat milk soap, then spend a few days enjoying Maine!  Visit Maine's beautiful mountains, wild and wonderful coastline, eat fresh seafood, spend some time at Acadia National Park, or just kick back relax and enjoy Maine, "the way life should be".


Lighthouse at Acadia National Park   



This Goat School® event will be held at Stony Knolls Farm, 49 Maple Lane, Saint Albans Maine and will be a great goat experience. Topics will include choosing your new goat, management, breeding, kidding, medical problems, nutrition, hoof trimming, milking, tattooing, necessary paperwork, record keeping, and a special segment on emergencies! We will cover numerous aspects of raising goats for meat, fiber and dairy. A milking demonstration will be done on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 28th, and Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
AND, a Soap & Cheese Class on Thursday July 30th starting at 9:30 a.m.

Lunch and a copy of the Goat School® Manual
are included!
For more info or directions call (207) 938-3714 or email info@goatschool.com

Name _________________________________________________

Class registration:

$200 For first Person___________________
Spouse or Significant Other $100_____________________________________
 Person from same household $200____________________________________________

Young teens (over 13) must be accompanied by an adult $75___________________

Soap & Cheese Class (per person) $100____________________

TOTAL ENCLOSED___________________________

A $50 deposit for each person attending with balance due at Goat School® is required.
A separate deposit for the Soap & Cheese Class of $25 per person must be paid at time of registration.

(Reminder: ALL fees are non-refundable)
Make check or money orders payable to Janice Spaulding, PO Box 322, Saint Albans, Maine 04971

Please dress appropriately! Weather can be changeable!