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First Printing, Newly Released,

Goat School® Publication


"An Easy to Follow Handbook for Making Goat Cheese and Goat Milk Soap"




Some say that making goat cheeses and goat milk soaps are long, drawn out, difficult, and time consuming processes. With our method we shatter this myth! 


Imagine making a years supply of long lasting, beautifully scented goat milk soap

for your family for less than $1 per bar!


Also included: our step saving cheese recipes.

  • Mozzarella in minutes
  • Fresh Ricotta in less than a half hour
  • Basic, creamy, smooth chevre recipe just waiting for your fresh herbs and spices
  • Brined or marinated Feta - delicious on Greek salads, pizzas, or mixed greens


Several of these cheeses can be made in less time than a loaf of bread!

You don't even need to own your own goat herd.

Goat's milk can be purchased fresh from your local farmer, or from your local health food store and made into delicious cheese, ready for dinner!

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Goat School:

The Manual

                              By Janice Spaulding


This could be titled "Everything I wanted to ask about raising goats IF I only knew where to start"


This is the perfect goat raising manual for anyone interested in goats from the novice to the expert. Goat School: The Manual is the ongoing compilation of 7+ years of preparation, note taking, and hand outs from Janice Spaulding's nationally recognized program called "Goat School". This "Manual" has been referred to as "The Goat Bible" by hundreds of participants in her on the farm goat husbandry classes. If you would like more information on Goat School go to www.goatschool.com.


Janice has over 20 years experience in hands-on goat breeding, goat care, and of course profitability in this very interesting facet of animal husbandry. Goats are personable and unique creations. They are smart, inquisitive, loving and can sometimes be frustrating if you do not educate yourself in their ways. This book is especially geared to that end.... Goats really know how to be goats... it's up to us to learn how to interact with them.  They can change our lives forever but yet they will remain unchanged.


This Manual has been written in real, down to earth language... No complex ratios to figure out, no difficult formulas, and most importantly no information that you don't need to simply fill out the pages and make it look impressive. This Manual is impressive on its own accord. I endeavored to lay the Manual out in a way that I would like myself.


We chose a spiral binding so that we would never lose the "lay flat" ability of the book. You will not split the binding on this book. Also the pages are printed only on one side. How handy to be able to jot down your personal notes directly in the area that you are using.  No more looking for slips of paper with information from calls with mentors or the Vet.


Of course the Manual has a "Table of Contents":


  • Bugs, Bacteria and Other Nasties
  • Breeding
  • Kidding
  • Worming
  • Problem, Problems, Problems
  • Emergencies
  • Injections and Vaccines
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Head to Toes
  • Herd Dynamics
  • Nutrition
  • Dairy Goats
  • Pricing and Marketing
  • The Goat Business


My husband Ken and I have been in the goat business since purchasing our first two Angora goats in 1989. Our first kidding was an Angora baby, born bright yellow, and the only person I knew that had any goat experience was 5 hours away and not home when I called! We knew that "IF" we were going to survive in the goat business and "IF" our goats were to survive we needed to be as knowledgeable and self sufficient as possible. That is what prompted me to put together this Goat School® Manual.


I am not a Veterinarian nor do I play one on television. This Manual is not meant to be a substitute for establishing a relationship with a competent Veterinarian practice. Enjoy your goats! Do not obsess over them or micro-manage them... if you do it will take away the joy that can be provided to you. Your goats will have no idea that you are inexperienced; they trust you, but they will sense fear and nervousness... More than anything I wish you a wonderful experience!





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