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After many years of climbing the corporate ladder, we started fostering the far away dream of owning a goat farm. Our extensive business travel provided many long flights which allowed us to develop the dream by reading book after book on farming, homesteading and raising goats. However, there is a big difference between theoretical and actual hands-on experience. Goat School® provided the perfect transition from the corporate hampster wheel to our more fulfilling life on our own goat farm and dairy.
"As a past Goat School® graduate, I know the value of the course and the confidence it gave me to take the giant leap in making my dream a reality. I am excited to see Ken and Janice's vast knowledge continue to serve others who are dreaming of a future life with goats." ~Joy
As we built up Turning Page Farm and started our own goat dairy, taking over Goat School® seemed like the perfect fit. We are excited and honored to share as much as we can with others who are looking to take that first step towards their dreams. 
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Turning Page Farm

842 N. Guilford Rd

Monson, Maine 04464