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Interested in hosting a Goat School®
at your farm
for your goat club? 
We can help! 

We are available to take Goat School® on the road! 
We can walk you through the process from start to finish. 
Our thoughts...
Our dream has been to teach the love and care of goats to as many people as we are able.
Of course, not everyone has the resources of traveling all the way to Maine, so we started
"Goat School® on the Road"!
"Goat School® on the Road" brings our knowledge and over 23 years of experience to your farm or venue. We can do Goat School® as a two day event or even add a Soap and Cheese class
and make it a three day goat extravaganza!
Our easy to learn soap making and cheese making secrets have been enjoyed by many already! Imagine learning to make fine goat cheese such as
Chevre, Feta, Mozzarella and Whole Milk Ricotta in just a few hours.
Our classes take the mystery and confusion out of soap making and you will learn to make
luscious goat milk soap in two hours!
Contact us for more information. 
email:   info@goatschool.com  or call us at 207·938·3714
Concerned about the cost of putting on a Goat School®?
Our primary goal at Stony Knolls Farm Goat School is to bring quality, affordable information to folks who are interested in owning goats, thinking about purchasing goats or just wanting to expand their
knowledge about these wonderful, personable, and useful animals.
In today's economy, with the dollar tighter than ever before, there is a great interest
in raising livestock for personal use.
We realize that our students may not have large incomes with extra money for travel..motel etc. That is one of the reasons we started "Goat School® on the Road".  Our farm, located in Saint Albans Maine, while beautiful, is not the easiest place to get to:  whether by plane, train, or automobile.  It can easily cost $1200.00 or more dollars for airfare...$80.00 to $100.00 per day for a motel/B&B (minimum 4 days)...rental car at about $200.00+...food and incidentals another few hundred dollars and of course approximately $550.00 for two days of Goat school and one day of Soap & Cheese class for husband and wife.
Now here comes the good part...imagine having Janice and I come to your farm for a private consultation and walk through along with sharing the experience of Goat School with other goat owners in your area!
So what is the cost for this one on one encounter?
Would you believe only $1,500.00 plus transportation and motel!
No matter where you are in North America we can come to your farm and the total cost, to you, would be  approximately what your costs would be coming to Maine!
Now, if you advertise that Goat School® is coming to your farm you can easily recoup the expenses with just a few attendees.  We even help you with advertising and instructions
on how to set up YOUR Goat School®.
Also, don't forget that you most likely can deduct your costs as a business expense!

We only require an up front $250.00 non-refundable fee to hold your date.
We currently have inquiries from perspective students to hold classes in:
 British Columbia...Washington State...Ohio...Florida...Michigan...and California.
We'll be happy to put them in contact with you for your Goat School®!
Contact us now to arrange a Goat School® at your farm!  
info@goatschool.com   or   call us at 207-938-3714